Why Work Through Fear

There is a reason you need to work through fear and not overcome it and that’s the fact that fear never leaves you. Don’t be scared by that, you see fear is actually a good thing.

I know you’re skeptical but its true. You see fear means that you are taking forward steps in life. It means that you are being exposed to new ideas and new experiences. Its means your life hasn’t stagnated and stalled.

You are living!

Everyone experiences fear. What differentiates us is how we choose to let that fear influence our lives. Successful people have learnt how to harness fear to their advantage. To accept it and mold it for their greater good. They work with it instead of fighting against it. People experiencing a life that they are dissatisfied with, very often have allowed fear a starring role in their experience. They don’t see fear as a tool that can help them achieve, and instead see it as something that makes them ‘less than’ the other people around them. They are in a constant battle with fear and, as the old saying goes, what you resist persists, leading to even more fear in their lives. 

So let’s take forward steps together to accept, harness, and work through fear. 


Resources to help you work through fear

If you haven't already, get The Top 10 Ways to Create a Fabulous Life audio. You can get it here.

Within it you will find techniques and teachings that are imperative to help you work through and overcome fear. Pay particular attention to numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9. 

Blog posts to read and think about

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The Fear Directive

THE fear directive


If you have ever felt fearful about your next step in life then this is the ebook for you. The Fear Directive is a collection of tools and teachings to help you work through your fears. Fear takes many forms, so this book will help you learn to identify, accept and harness your fears to succeed at life.  

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