What is Self-Image

A rocking self-image is so much more then being able to love the skin you’re in. its being able to look in the mirror and be absolutely head over heals in love with the entire person. It’s seeing yourself as the amazing, unique person you are and being able to truly believe, deep down, that you are the most awesome person you know.

Because awesome is not ego.

Ego is the constant need for validation from outside yourself. It’s the voice of people who love drama in their lives and talk loudly for everyone to hear about themselves, their achievements and how great they are purely to get everyone to agree with them. We all know these types and sometimes don’t see their actions and words for what they really are: a desperate cry for love, acceptance, and validation from outside themselves. In fact, sometimes we can be quite intimidated by these types of people.

But awesome isn’t a cry for self-validation from external sources. Awesome is having a quiet, self-assured confidence that emanates from an internal love for yourself, your life, and the people within it. Awesome is knowing that you are enough exactly how you are right now. It’s knowing that your confidence doesn’t rely on the praise or disapproval of others. It’s being secure within yourself and your abilities and talents. It’s knowing that you are perfect, fantastic and fabulous exactly as you are now.

So rock your self-image, love and accept the person you are, and even if you’re not where you want to be yet, know deeply and truly that you have the power and talent within you to get there. 

Living with Self Confidence

REsources to help you rock

Listen to The Top 10 Ways to Create a Fabulous Life

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This audio will help you find the strength and tools to revolutionise your self-image. Pay particular attention to numbers 3, 4, 5 and 8. 

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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
— Coco Chanel