How to Be Your True Self and Live Your Magnificence

It happened sometime during those years of upheaval. I don’t remember when exactly as they tend to all merge into one big fuzzy mass. But what I can tell you is that I was distraught. Again. I felt lost and lonely in a world where I didn’t belong and that didn’t understand me. Hell, even I didn’t understand me. 

I felt like a fraud and a failure. An unemployed, single, overweight, unhappy waste of space (yeah, I really did think of myself that way).

And then I got an email.

The email had two instructions. 1) Print off the attached pdf. 2) Put it on your wall and read it everyday.


The words I found on that document were these:


You are not one of the heard, heading for destruction in a grey mass of mediocrity.
You are a great rarity. Show your rarity to the world and they will shower you with gold.
You are not mediocre.
What is past is past.
Now you have grown tall and wise and the fruits of the land will be yours.
Your potential is unlimited.

How did reading that make you feel? Did it talk to you the way it did to me? I find this quote to be one of the most moving, impacting things I have ever read. In just a few short lines it holds so much wisdom, compassion and insight. And the reason is that it is ultimately saying that you should be your self. I’m going to write that again just incase you missed it - BE YOURSELF.

How To Be Your True Self And Live Your Magnificence

You are an individual being full of love, compassion and intelligence. You are one of a kind and desire more then the numbing mediocrity that you see yourself surrounded with. But you have forgotten that. You have allowed mediocre minds to influence your true knowledge of Self and install a fear of tapping into the depths of your being because it may intimidate others around you causing you to feel even more marginalized where you find yourself.

But the truth is, and deep down you know this, you are a ‘great rarity’. You are unique. There is no one alive like you with your special collection of unique gifts and attributes. There never has been and never will be anyone who embodies this world like you do. As you find the strength and courage to embody your true self you will be rewarded. This reward could come in many different forms. It may be through material gifts for a talent you share with the world or through the gift of self-realization and acceptance of who you truly are. Whatever the avenue that the reward comes through it will impact your life in a way that you cannot comprehend at this point in time. Be open to the amazing changes that will come your way.

Remember that you are not boring. You are not destined to live a life of quiet desperation. You are a unique individual with a rich life. You are a tapestry of experiences and abilities and thoughts.

You are not ruled by your past. Your past may have helped mold you into the amazing individual that you are but it does not define you. Ruminating and experiencing life from a place of ‘if only’ is an unproductive, destructive ways to live. You cannot change your past, you can only learn from it. Don’t let your perceived mistakes and failures from who you use to be rule over who you are in this moment and who you will become. It was the past and the present is the time that you live in.

You must make mistakes and learn from them. The later is the key: to learn. Learn from your experiences and the life you have lived. It is through this process that you develop wisdom and the ability to make better decisions. Continued growth is life. Never allow a set back to stop your growth. Pick yourself up and start again. A failure is only a failure if you allow it to be. Instead of seeing it as an ending, the snuffing out of a dream, instead choose to see it as the beginning of a new path. A path that is paved with gold and glory that can surpass your previous direction. You posses within you a potential that you have only scrapped the surface of. Its depths are endless. Your job is to continuously dive as deep as you can and help that potential to surface. You must never give into despair and self loathing. You are amazing. You really are. You are unique and you have the ability to fashion the life that you desire through the choices you make. Choose to be yourself. Choose to love yourself. Choose to find the strength with in you to overcome anything. Choose to find new dreams. Choose to use your imagination. Choose to treat others with the same love and compassion that you desire. Choose to see yourself for who you truly are, a unique, amazing one-of-a-kind, fantastic, fabulous human being. I truly believe you are that and so much more.

I had that quote on my wall for years. Every now and then it would disappear into a box and then I would find it again just when I needed it. It’s funny how that happens. For years it donned the walls of countless apartments, across several different cities and not once did I try to find out who had written it.

And the truth is I still don’t know where that quote comes from. If you do then please get in touch with me, I’d love to know.