Why Gratitude Isn't Always Enough

Gratitude. We have all been told about its importance so many times. And its true, gratitude is important. It can change the way you see your life and enable you to experience the richness that you are already surrounded by. It teaches you that there is beauty and love in all your experiences and all your circumstances.

But sometimes gratitude isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to level up your arsenal of life enhancing techniques to really get that kick-start you need.

When that’s the case you must shift your mind to a process that enhances your self-esteem, shows you how amazing you already are and kicks the fear and failure mentality out the window. As well as having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ you must also create a Practice of Being Proud.

 So what do I mean by a Practice of Being Proud?

What I mean is that you need to start looking for things in your past and present to be proud of. You need to be proud of yourself, to be proud of your achievements in life (no matter how big or small) and to celebrate them. You need to become your biggest cheerleader, you need to stop thinking about all the things your are embarrassed by or feel shameful of, and instead, look for what you are fantastic at. You need to identify all the good in your life that has happened because of your own actions, perseverance, talent and/or dedication.  You need to become proud of you!


Just like gratitude, this involves implementing an easy, everyday practice. If you are in a place in your life where you don’t see your magnificence, are anxious about your next step, don’t trust your intuition, or cant look in the mirror and truly love the person you see looking back at you (flaws and all), then the Practice of Being Proud is for you. Its easy to implement and will take you less then 5 minutes a day.


Here are the steps:


1)   Go to a quiet space and get yourself a piece of paper and a pen (consider getting yourself a special journal to write this practice in, as well as your daily gratitude list). You could alternatively do this practice mentally while in the shower or lying in bed however, the mind-body connection of writing something down has a lot more power.

2)   List 5 things from your past and present that you are proud of. Feel the sense of pride in your body as much as you can. Let your heart swell with pride and joy and feel it radiate outward. Do this in the morning or the evening (or both) and make sure that it is five different things each time.

3)   Next to each thing that you are proud of write why you are proud.

Here’s one example of how to do it:

I am proud that I did 30 minutes of exercise BECAUSE it makes me feel good and means I’m looking after myself and my wellbeing.

Commit to doing this practice everyday for at least thirty days. You will be overjoyed by the positive shifts in your life that result from this one quick and simple practice.

Why Gratitude isn't always enough

The important thing to remember through out this journey is to start from exactly where you are now in your life. If you are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning and facing the world then be proud of yourself for getting out of bed, pulling the curtains, brushing your teeth, having a shower etc. Be proud of anything and everything that you can find. If you are suffering from the consequences of some form of action you took then find the silver lining. Be proud that you left a toxic relationship, or that you had the courage to stick up for yourself, or take a risk. If you are feeling shame because of something you did, in the past or present, then choose to think only of the good things you have done and of the times when you were a really great person. And don’t forget to forgive yourself.


You always have a choice of what your mind focuses on, of the thoughts you choose to play in your minds eye. So choose thoughts that make you proud to be you and that inspire you to take action and see yourself as the amazing person that you are.


This is a practice that only you can implement. If someone sits there and tells you five things that they are proud of you for everyday, it will never have the same impact as you sitting there and listing five things that you are proud of yourself for. Whys that? Because through this daily practice you are training your brain. You are conditioning it to seek out and see things in your life to be proud of and, like any muscle, the more it does it the easier it becomes. This type of mental conditioning works for gratitude and just about any other type of mental/emotional discipline.


So start today to train your mind to pick out the moments in your past and present that you can be proud of. Add this technique, along with a gratitude practice, to your life and you will fully transform the way you see everything that surrounds you. Start to see only your best and you will attract only the best.

Do you use any daily practices? Share them with us below.