How To Live From Your Place Of Truth

What is your truth? What do you hold to be the base beliefs that are buried within your heart? Do you even know what they are? These are all questions you must ask yourself.

There’s a term that’s being thrown around lately. A term that defines what some people are calling the new world. It is being said that we now live in a ‘post-truth’ era. But post-truth, what is that?

To be post truth would mean that we have chosen to disregard truth. I don’t believe that. If you know me, and my writing, you will know that I believe we always have a choice, in every aspect of our lives.

The best way I can think of to reject ‘post-truth’ as a concept is to find the ways to live from truth in our everyday lives.

I recognize that what I may hold to be true may not be what you do. So I invite you to first write down the truths that you hold in your life. Write down the values that you hold close to your heart, the inalienable rights that you think everyone should live by and have access to. Then look at your list and ask yourself, do they come from love? If there is hate or separateness within your truths/values you may want to spend some time in quiet meditation or prayer discovering why you hold truth values that aren’t grounded in all encompassing, universal love. Because love is the ultimate value/truth that we should all be living in.

 But don’t be afraid to live by your truth, to embrace it and live from a place of integrity. CLICK TO TWEET

I believe there are three main ways that you can do this.

You will find them below:


1)   Live Your Truth

You know within yourself what is true to you. You know instinctively when something feels wrong or sounds wrong. Part of your inner self knows when it is being lied to and when it is hearing sincere words. Listen to that voice inside you, that little tickle clouded by your thoughts, that little spark inside your chest. That is your intuition telling you that what you are speaking, doing, hearing or observing is not your truth. Don’t ignore it as just ‘being silly’ or ‘paranoid’, listen, learn and act on it. Don’t fear the truth that lives within you and don’t fear living from your place of truth and integrity. There is nothing to fear when you live form your truth. To paraphrase a famous saying, ‘first they shun you, then they hate you, and then they love you’. Just because you may be surrounded by people who live from an opposite truth space than you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live from your own truth space. Have the courage to hold your head high, walk tall, and live with the inner knowing that your truth empowers you and others who have yet to accept living their truth.

Be the change you wish to see in the world
— Gandi

 2)   Speak Your Truth

To live from your truth you must not be afraid of it. You must not be afraid to open your mouth and let your voice be heard. This doesn’t mean going out there and having ferocious arguments with people who don’t agree with you or giving grand speeches aimed at converting as many people as possible. No, it simply means having the courage to choose kindness, to speak words that uplift and empower, to stand up for the person (or people) being belittled and persecuted. It means quietly teaching children the values of inclusiveness and friendship, it means using your words to encourage love, friendship, kindness and happiness for all people.


3)   Question Truth

Socrates, the Ancient Greek philosopher said, over two thousand years ago, ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’. This is a mindset that I ask you to try living from, even if just for day, to see how it affects your truth. To find your real truth you must question everything. Question the beliefs you grew up with, the lessons you were taught, what you have seen and heard. Question why you think something and why you don’t. Make sure you understand why you believe the things you do, understand why you hold the truths that you do. No one else can, or should, do this for you. You must find your own truth. By doing this you will know without a doubt that when you live from your truth you are REALLY living YOUR truth, not one that your friends, family, or society has placed upon you, not one that you have just adopted because everyone else around you has it. It will be yours to own, yours to be proud of, and yours to fight for. This must be done in order for you to live with integrity as you live from, and speak, your truth.

The unexamined life is not worth living
— Socrates


So how will you live from your truth? I hope the above has given you some ideas to consider, but as you come to the end of this post I want you to remember something very important. It is, admittedly, one of the truths that I hold close to my heart; if your truth persecutes or harms another person, it cannot be an inalienable truth. All belief systems and religions are grounded in the idea of universal love. Therefore LOVE is the state that all truth must stem from first and foremost. CLICK TO TWEET


I wish you today, and on all days, nothing but love my friend.


What are some of the truths that you hold? Let us know below. It may be just the words that someone needs to read in order to articulate their truth. So share the love below.


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Note: Post-truth is used primarily in a political context. If you are interested in understanding the political concept here would be a good place to begin your research.